Musician, Composer, Producer, Writer


2 AKG C 12 A (vintage world class C12 caspule tube mics)
1 Sony C37 A (classic tube mic circa 1957)
2 Neumann Gefell M582s w/ M70 cardioid capsules (small condenser tube mics)
2 Neumann Gefell MV691s w/ M93 omni capsules (as above but not tube, capsules interchangeable)
1 Royer R-121 (ribbon)
1 Neumann TLM-193
1 Sony C48
2 Peluso handmade small diaphragm hypercardioid condensers
1 Advanced Audio tube mic with handmade Peluso U47 capsule
2 Audio Technica AT-4040s
1 set Audix drum microphones
Various SM58s, Rode NT1, 2 Marshall mics, etc.


24 Channel Fully Discrete Class A Yamaha PM-1000 with Direct Transformer Balanced Outs

8 Siemens Vintage Discrete EQs, very similar to Helios in design
2 API 550B EQs
4 API 312 preamps (in 3124+ for use as submixer, etc.)
4 HHB tube preamps (like TL Audio)
1 Sony dual channel compressor
1 Sony DPS-V55 stereo reverb unit
1 Biamp Spring reverb unit
2 RNP preamps from FMR
1 RNC stereo compressor
Tube direct boxes, etc.


24 RADAR AD/DA converters and encoders, extremely tape-like
2 AD/DA Apogee
16 A/D & 8 D/A Swissonic


RADAR 24 with Mac G4 running Digital Performer and ProTools with UAD-1 plug-ins, etc.


1 Ampex ATR-700 1/4” reel-to-reel
1 Teac 16-track 1” machine, built to military spec