The Cypress House

The Cypress House is located on the banks of Bayou Teche, a few miles south of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. The studio, centered around a building made of crosscut cypress circa 1850, has been home to projects by many artists over the years, including Linda Ronstadt, Joan Baez, James McMurtry, Rhiannon Giddens, and many others. Several film scores have also been created and/or recorded in the studio, including music featured in “Cold Mountain” and “In the Electric Mist.” The aim of the studio is to offer a space that is both relaxing and inspiring to artists - one that reflects the character and soul of Southwest Louisiana while maintaining a focus on the highest quality audio. This goal is attained through a collection of top-notch gear, with a particular focus on rare and special microphones.

In addition to preamps, compressors, and EQs from Neve, GML, API, Electrodyne, Sonic Farm, Purple Audio, Audio Maintenance Labs, and many others, the Cypress House microphone collection includes the following:

2 Neumann KM54 small diaphragm tube microphones
2 AKG C12A large diaphragm tube microphones
1 Bock 251 large diaphragm ELAM microphone
2 Neumann Gefell M582 tube microphones with M70 capsules
1 Gefell M71 (M7 capsule) solid state microphone
1 RMS Audio M269 microphone, with vintage Neumann K67 capsule
1 Pearlman TM47 large diaphragm tube microphone
2 vintage Sennheiser cream MD421/2 microphones
1 AEA R84 ribbon microphone
1 Beyerdynamic M160 unidirectional ribbon microphone
1 Korby FET47 microphone
2 Octava ribbon microphones
Vintage Unidyne SM57 microphones
1 Shure SM7B