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This year, I am honored to be touring with Rhiannon Giddens, a truly remarkable musician and inspiration.
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Dirk's new CD, Walking Through Clay available here. See here for more information. The Bluegrass Situation says, "On Walking Through Clay, Powell brings the hammer down hard. But unlike most other albums that blend rock and trad, this album sounds totally natural. It brings home the fact that traditional music has always been popular music, no matter the era. This is the kind of album that only a master could make." Read the conversation with Dirk here and the press release here.

Dirk Powell combines deep-running roots in rural American tradition with an overarching artistic vision that speaks poignantly to the audiences of today. From learning banjo and fiddle at the feet of his grandfather in Kentucky, through founding the Louisiana Cajun group Balfa Toujours, to extensive recording and film work with such artists as Jack White, Joan Baez, T-Bone Burnett, Anthony Minghella, Loretta Lynn, and Spike Lee, Dirk has arrived at a place all his own - one where tradition, inspiration, and innovation meet without borders.

"Dirk Powell is a badass. To the bone. He is, in addition to being the greatest old-time banjo player alive, a graduate student of both mountain and Cajun fiddle styles and diatonic button accordion, an instrument that fights you back, take it from me, I’ve tried. He is a singer, songwriter, producer, recording engineer, and all in all an artist of unique vision and unbending integrity. As far as I can tell there is no genre of American roots music that Dirk doesn’t understand, no primordial mode he can’t master, no polyrhythmic code he can’t crack. He also cooks the best sauce piquante I have ever tasted. Be forewarned: Dirk Powell and I WILL make a record together someday."--Steve Earle

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Out in the West Texas town of El Paso

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"Proof that the circle remains unbroken." --Washington Post
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"Dirk saved the day again." Jack White.

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On Wall Street