Musician, Composer, Producer, Writer


Dirty Linen, 1996
"Rounder detonates another charge in the old-time music field with the first solo effort by 26-year-old Dirk Powell. Although he's an adept player of many instruments, Powell sticks with fiddle, banjo, and guitar on a disc that counts 15 traditional offerings among the 19 cuts which cover a broad spectrum of old-time sounds. Picking banjo in an expressive clawhammer style on solo pieces like "Rubin" and on sextet arrangements such as Ralph Stanley's gospel number "I Am the Man, Thomas," Powell's versatility shines through. His impressive fiddling drives rollicking ensemble songs like "Brown-Eyed Rabbit" and guides the slow, reflective fiddle/vocal piece "Sweet Sunny South."
A healthy future for old-time music is assured in the hands of Dirk Powell."

Old Time Herald, 1996
"This is one of the most enjoyable traditional country albums in a long time, revealing, as few contemporary recordings do, the lyircal beauty inherent in the finest old-time songs and tunes."

Trad Magazine, 1996
"I consider this recording to be one of the best old-time discs issued in recent times. It has everything: virtuosity, drive, punch, spirit. The choice of songs is excellent. With these talents, old-time music once again has great days before her"